Purpose-Driven Ads: Reaching Wider, While Doing Good

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Purpose-Driven Ads: Reaching Wider, While Doing Good

Brands such as Bokomo Weet-Bix, DSTV, Vodacom, FNB, Avbob, Iwisa, Selati and Raid are supporting a Purpose-Driven advertising model that empowers people in underserved communities with free uncapped Internet access via ThinkZone WiFi hotspots. Funded through Digital and Out Of Home advertising, these campaigns yield industry performance-driven metrics, as well as positively measured community impact. Such a relationship with an audience delivers strong customer loyalty, enhanced Social License to Operate (SLO), and unlocks countless benefits for all.

Just imagine if everybody had unlimited access to free uncapped public WiFi? For more than 3.5 million people in South Africa, this is already a reality and, they will wholeheartedly confirm how connecting to the Internet has transformed their day to day lives.

This video shows how Internet access has changed the daily lives, businesses, and learning among people living in underserved areas.

Previously, Internet connectivity was not a reality for many people in underserved areas. But now, everyone in range of a local ThinkZone WiFi hotspot – funded through Think WiFi’s Purpose Driven Advertising model – can access unlimited free, uncapped WiFi from their devices any time and enjoy all the benefits it unlocks. 

For the man on the street, local businesses, and communities, ThinkZone WiFi provides access to the digital economy, online education, government E-services, healthcare, news and information, social media, entertainment, finance, plus trade and educational development courses. Making the Internet freely available also allows employers to connect to local skills, empowers entrepreneurs with market access and increased awareness, and helps owners grow their small businesses, contributing to economic growth in the community.

Benefits to purpose-driven advertisers 

This purpose-driven advertising platform provides advertisers with all the benefits of digital marketing whilst reaching a previously inaccessible audience and in a direct, measurable, and engaging way while simultaneously reducing socioeconomic inequalities and driving impactful social change. 

Brands that drive such positive change by investing in the consumers’ well-being benefit in many ways, including: 

  • Increased brand loyalty and new customer acquisition
  • Uplift in product /service sales
  • In-depth demographic and behaviour statistics
  • Direct engagement through customers personal devices
  • Extended target audience and segment spending power
  • Page / Portal Take-Over through branded reward-driven content
  • Measured social impact and performance
  • Participation in the ‘Kasinomic’1 transformation in informal economies that is currently happening across the country.

Fast-growing trend 

With so many benefits, it is not surprising that more brands are turning to purpose- driven advertising. 

“Pure transactional value is not enough in the current consumer climate. More than ever before, customers choose to support brands that care about them. The foundation of purpose- driven marketing is a powerful combination of social impact and digital advertising that benefits everyone.” says Janine Rebelo, CEO and Co-Founder of Think WiFi, an AdTech media owner and public WiFi network provider.

“Think WiFi’s model is a great example of advertising with a purpose: giving brands saliency in the township economies, which in turn funds free, uncapped WiFi that uplifts underserved communities and closes the digital divide. Driving digital equality is our core ambition. In this way, we empower communities through tech for good.”

Paula Hulley, IAB South Africa CEO: “IAB members, including Think WiFi, incorporate brands, agencies, publishers, specialists and platforms, enabling the identification of relevant growth opportunities and delivery of cross-purpose solutions membership crossing all marketing, media, platforms, ad technology and marketing technology segments. Whether solving for brand safety, viewability or benchmarking online ad spend in South Africa, it is the uniting of all the various industry stakeholders that enable the IAB, and its members, to empower the media and marketing industries to thrive in a digital economy.”

Think WiFi has rolled out more than 320 ThinkZone free WiFi hotspots across the country and growing, reaching more than 3.5 million South Africans, with live networks in Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Eastern Cape.

 For more information, please visit https://www.thinkwifi.online/.


1 Kasinomics: African Informal Economies and the People Who Inhabit Them – Book by GG Alcock

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About Think WiFi:

Think WiFi, a purpose-driven AdTech media owner, and public WiFi network provider, is connecting millions of people to fast, free Internet while allowing forward-looking brands to reach a wider target audience, engage with customers in underserved areas, participate in informal economies and, drive social change. 

Think WiFi has already rolled out over 320 Think Zone free WiFi hotspots around South Africa, reaching more than 3.5 million South Africans with live networks in Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Eastern Cape.  

Think WiFi is proud to be a member of the IAB SA. 

For more information, please visit www.thinkwifi.online

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Janine Rebelo, Co-Founder and CEO, Think WiFi

Janine is Co-founder and CEO of Think WiFi, which provides free Internet services to underserved communities. Previously, she was Chief Commercial Officer at Liquid Telecom South Africa and prior to that, headed up Global Ethernet product development at Vodafone Group Enterprise Services, following 9 years at Vodacom South Africa. Janine holds BCOM economics and BCOM honours business finance degrees from the University of South Africa, as well as CECP certification, SDN/NFV certification and network expert accreditation. She has received awards from the FTTH / Digital Council Africa and Metro Ethernet Forum and SAPCC/ABSA Business Person of the Year 2019. Janine also serves as Chairperson on Teleforge’s board and is a member of the South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. Passionate about social upliftment and telecommunications, Janine works with the University of Johannesburg’s engineering students to highlight real world applications and opportunities in digital and network transformation trends.

To contact Janine Rebelo: janine@thinkwifi.online

Marnus Kruger, Co-Founder and COO, Think WiFi

Marnus is an telecommunications entrepreneur with more than 22 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. His passion is to use technology to uplift and connect people to the Internet economy to enable fair and equal participation in the 4th Industrial Revolution. He has led high performing teams during his career, while delivering large scale connectivity projects in South Africa. Combining his engineering skills and commercials skills, he has entrenched himself as a trusted advisor to the industry, specialising in building partnerships. Marnus co-founded Think Wifi, which is rolling out Free, Uncapped Wifi in underserved communities across South Africa. In his capacity as the Chief Operating Officer, Marnus uses his experience and skills to drive highly motivated and effective teams, while also fulfilling his passion to connect millions of people to the Internet – for free.

To contact Marnus Kruger: marnus@thinkwifi.online