Tapping into the “green consumerism” trend

Published January 20, 2021

Fast-growing numbers of “green consumers” are driving the rapidly growing trend of “green consumerism”, opening unique opportunities for companies to achieve a compelling competitive advantage in a crowded market, to build trust and loyalty among this new breed of consumer, and to enhance pride among employees.

A new breed of consumer – the “green” consumer – is “mindful of environment-related issues and obligations, and is supportive of environmental causes to the extent of switching allegiance from one product or supplier to another, even if it entails higher cost”.

These “green” consumers are driving the rapidly growing trend of “green consumerism”, exerting increased pressure on businesses, firstly, to demonstrate responsibility towards the environment and, secondly, to communicate this environmental responsibility legitimately and authentically.

Firstly, “green” consumers want to support companies that are moving towards sustainable and environmentally responsibility practices with genuine, measurable green initiatives extending throughout all operations of the business.

Secondly, “green” consumers want transparent disclosure of truthful, honest and accurate information about these practices and initiatives that is both readily and easily accessible, allowing them to make informed decisions about which supplier or product to support with their spending. Inappropriate or inaccurate green claims, “green sheening” or “greenwashing” – making false or misleading “green” or environmental claims – will alienate “green” consumers and could result in immense brand and reputational damage, negative publicity and broken trust among consumers, stakeholders and investors.

To tap into the trend of “green consumerism”, companies need to communicate their green practices, initiatives and credentials honestly and transparently through a well-considered approach to Sustainable Communication that will engage this new breed of consumer, while gaining their confidence and building trust.

Implemented correctly and holistically, Sustainable Communication is an investment in brand building and reputation enhancement, giving your company a competitive advantage over peers and rivals and building fierce loyalty among this new breed of consumer, while also enhancing pride among employees and improving relations with stakeholders.

Angela Barter, PR Specialist and Sustainable Communication Strategist was a keynote speaker at the Daily Dispatch Customer Innovation Summit where she provided delegates with insights into how a business can engage and build loyalty among “green” consumers and how to communicate a business’ green credentials and sustainability journey successfully and mitigate the risk of losing trust through “greenwashing”.

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