responsible, experienced and proactive sustainability communication

We are passionate environmentalists who are also accredited, qualified and experienced public relations professionals. 
We communicate your company’s sustainability story via multichannel communication platforms in a relevant, clear and responsible way that inspires action and evokes a positive reaction.
This is how we tell your

Sustainability Story







Telling Your Sustainability Story


The PR Agency is a fully-fledged public relations agency with a 20-year track record. We are specialists in both Sustainability and Public Relations, uniquely positioned to communicate your sustainability story professionally.

Our sustainability communication foundations are built on the expertise of Angela Barter, a leading Sustainability Communication Strategist in South Africa, who holds a Masters (MPhil) in Environmental Management from Stellenbosch University and has more than 10 years’ experience in championing sustainability communications. Angela is also a widely respected Public Relations specialist and an accredited PRISA Chartered Public Relations Practitioner.

Telling Your Sustainability Story

Credibly & Accurately

We generate credible, accurate content to ensure that your sustainability story is told accurately and responsibly, grounded in truth and backed-up by reliable data and verifiable evidence.

Clearly & Compellingly

We get sustainability! We translate scientific terminology and technical data into understandable language, making it easier for your target audience to understand and relate to your sustainability message.

Ethically & Responsibly

We ensure your sustainability story is devoid of unintentional ‘greenwashing’, protecting your brand reputation.

Inexperience, a lack of understanding, poor PR and false or misleading information could lead to ‘greenwashing’. Our expertise protects your brand from the reputational damage, negative publicity and the lack of consumer trust and investor confidence that ‘greenwashing’ could lead to.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand  everything better”

– Albert Einstein
“Greenwashing is the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service”
– Greenpeace.
Telling Your Sustainability Story

On topics that matter

Well-positioned to tell sustainability stories, we cover a multitude of topics including climate change, biodiversity, deforestation, plastic and water pollution and other key environmental topics that impact people and planet across a range of different sectors:

• Sustainable Agriculture, Fishing & Industry • Sustainable Architecture, Buildings & Green Design • Corporate Sustainability, ESG, SDGs & Reporting • Environmental Legislation & Regulation (Carbon Tax) • Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Carbon Offsetting • Nature Conservation and Restoration • Waste & the Circular Economy • Sustainable Communities & Cities • Sustainable Fashion & Beauty • Sustainable Food & Wine • Sustainable Travel, Hospitality & Eco-tourism

Telling Your Sustainability Story


Through our strategic partnerships and collaborations, we create and distribute engaging content across a full range of communication channels to enhance brand awareness among your intended target audiences.

Sustainability Content Generation

We develop your sustainability story from solid research and facts. We then package it for print, online and broadcast journalists, bloggers and influencers, who shape and share your sustainability story for the audiences you want to reach.

PR and Media Relations

With more than 20 years’ experience in public relations and media relations, the PR Agency’s credible and timely stories have built strong media relations and achieved key editorial coverage in many of South Africa’s leading publications.

Influencer Relations

Our influencer relations partner will source and vet key influencers that fit your brand’s profile, objectives and brief for bespoke influencer campaigns, guest listing or brand ambassadorships.

Podcast Services

Our podcast partner provides a full-spectrum podcast production service for clients. We also secure editorial interview slots or arrange paid for promotions of your brand on targeted podcasts.

Visual Communication

Our visual communication partner can create multimedia-ready visuals for client websites, digital brochures, presentations or digital press releases as well as speed drawing for events.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Our social media and digital marketing partner offers clients the opportunity to boost their visibility with increased SEO, social media, a strong web presence and full service digital marketing.

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